Soft Tissue Therapy and Massage for Horse-Riders

Horse-riding develops strong muscles in the legs and arms, shoulders, chest and back but to be in tune with your horse, you also need to be soft and responsive to allow your horse to move well without resistance.  Problems due to muscle imbalances are likely to develop, particularly if you don’t do any other training or exercise apart from riding and caring for your horse.  There may also be problems resulting from falling off your horse – even if your injury has healed, you may still be ‘holding’ onto that injury at a subconscious level, affecting how you move and respond to your horse.

Your Soft Tissue Therapist can assess your posture and help lengthen tight muscles, encourage you to use inhibited muscles and generally leave you feeling much more aware of your body.  At Shropshire Massage Heather also teaches simple exercises that gently lengthen and relax overworked muscles and help to stimulate under-used muscles and joints.  When you next ride, you should feel freer in your muscles and more responsive to the movements of your horse.

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