Soft Tissue Therapy and Sports Massage for Cyclists

You don’t need to cycle competitively to benefit from a cycling-specific massage.  If you regularly go cycling or mountain biking, you will be working your legs and glutes hard, and your back, shoulders, core and neck muscles will also be involved in maintaining your position on the bike.  Sometimes cyclists don’t even notice how tight their muscles have become until they experience difficulties doing an activity like running or walking up hill.

While knee pain is the most common cycling complaint, lower back ache, neck and shoulder tension are also common.  A regular Soft Tissue Therapy massage should leave you with a healthy feeling of relief in your muscles without the need for any extreme deep pressure.  Your therapist can often diagnose the likely cause of knee pain or other cycling-related complaints and provide practical advice and preventative treatment.  At Shropshire Massage Heather also teaches simple exercises that gently lengthen and relax overworked muscles and help to stimulate under-used muscles and joints.

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