Soft Tissue Therapy /Sports Massage for Runners

Whether you’re training for a 5K, 10K, or half, full, or ultra-marathon, or just enjoy regular running to keep fit, Soft Tissue Therapy is a great tool in preventing injuries while optimising training and performance.  If you run regularly, you’ll know that sometimes your body feels great and running is fun, but other times, often for no apparent reason, your legs will feel heavy and running feels much harder and less enjoyable.  When running becomes hard work, it may be time to visit a Soft Tissue Therapist BEFORE doing any more running.

Your Soft Tissue Therapist will assess your posture and joints, help treat any running niggles before they develop into injuries; massage your legs and any other muscles that may need massage (e.g. glutes, back, shoulders).  At Shropshire Massage Heather also teaches simple exercises that gently lengthen and relax overworked muscles and help to stimulate under-used muscles and joints.   Regular massage between runs helps speed recovery leaving clients feeling lighter, less stressed and more energetic ready for their next run!

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