Treatment options

At your first massage treatment appointment I will ask you questions about your health, activities, and medical history and any specific problems or reasons for massage treatment.  If you select the Remedial Massage or Sports Massage options (see below) I will next carry out a full postural assessment (lasting about 10 minutes) examine your joints, and range of movement.  Your massage treatment is then based on this assessment and tailored to your needs.  Follow-up massage treatment is guided by feedback from you and reassessment.  If you are not suffering any specific problems but would like a relaxing massage, then a Relax Massage (see Option 3 below) is available without the need for a posture and joint assessment.

Option 1: Remedial massage Remedial Massage with Heather Smith in ShropshireRemedial Massage Treatment is ideal for the majority of people who suffer aches and pains associated with work, stress, recreational activities, old injuries or poor postural habits.  Back, shoulder and neck problems are very common among people who spend long periods at, for example, a PC, laptop or driving.  I will select the appropriate techniques and exercises to help you in stretching out and freeing those muscles that have become over-tight.  I will advise you on what measures can be taken to prevent or minimise reoccurrence of the problem(s).
Option 2: Sports massage Sports Massage with Heather Smith in ShropshireIf you engage in sports or are suffering from sports injuries then Sports Massage Treatment is for you.  I will apply techniques tailored to your type of sport to help enhance performance, prevent injury, and speed recovery after an event.  Post-event massage increases your circulation and speeds the removal of fatigue toxins, relieving muscle spasms and soreness, while helping you to relax.  A short pre-event massage treatment (which can be performed through clothing while sitting/standing) can help prepare you for action by relaxing tense muscles and stimulating the muscles that need to work hard.
Option 3: Relax massage Relaxing Massage with Heather Smith in ShropshireIf you just wish to relax and re-energise your body and mind then why not treat yourself to a classic deep tissue massage treatment?  This flowing relaxing massage will increase circulation and boost the lymphatic system which removes fluid and waste from the muscles.  You can choose to have a full-body massage lasting 1 hour or a ½ hour massage targeting just your back, or your shoulders, arms and neck, or your feet and legs.